Kids-Teens Yoga

Why Kids-Teens Yoga?

Kids-Teens Yoga has recently become more widespread throughout the educational system & the promoted via the media of late; inherent benefits derived from starting kids-teens yoga at an even younger age have only served to enhance the growing popularity. Children themselves have reported remarkable positive changes to their emotional, mental &physical health:

  • Through simple yoga stories & fun games, posture/spinal strength is improved & eventually stress/behaviours are regulated with an increased attention/focus
  • muscles/organs are invigorated & many teenage hormonal problems regulated & addressed, hence a more balanced mind & improved immunity to disease
  • via deep breathing/relaxation & meditation, pressure of school/desk work & exams are relieved; in turn improving digestive or emotional issues such related to such concerns.

Classes aim to be fun & engaging with a light heart-ed approach; encouraging both inclusion & diversity. Current PVG/Enhanced Disclosure, up to date & valid.

Benefits of Kids-Teens Yoga

Our ashram in India has carried out many studies & implemented various successful programs with children, both within & out with school as well as authoring books on the subject. Of late the many benefits of yoga for kids-teens have been documented through online articles & additional research:

  • Changes in technology/social media have produced poor posture, increase stress/anxiety and an inherent sense of restlessness
  • kids-teens yoga assists by improving posture/spinal strength, removing stress & increasing focus, balancing the endocrine/immune & nervous systems
  • breathing/relaxation techniques to focus/calm the mind during schooling (whilst coping with peer pressure/hormones/exams etc)
  • poor diet & nutrition can also play a part in a child’s development; mindfulness can provide children with awareness of when/what & how to eat, enabling a more appropriate diet for their nurturing & development
  • we can now understand why early intervention is paramount to a child’s development.

If some of the benefits we’ve encountered can be introduced to children/teenagers at an earlier stage, enabling them to reach their full potential whilst discovering their strengths/weaknesses on route, then rest assured the seeds of yoga will have been firmly planted guaranteeing a positively developed & well supported young adult.

Classes offered

Our Kids-Teens Yoga classes at tattwavisionyoga include simple stories with modified postures, partner/postural work, fun games etc. Breath work (pranayama) & importance of correct breathing is encouraged as well as deep relaxation (yoga nidra) & meditation.

Imagine what would happen if yoga were taught in every school in the world, just as we teach maths/science. With yoga in the curriculum, better graduates would be produced, who would be more perceptive in applying their intelligence to their work.”Swami Satyananda