Studies of meditation-science

Meditation-science has finally begun to understand each other as east meets west. Scientists may ask, what is the point of watching the breath? Meditators may retort by asking, why study science when real Truth is within?

Will the studies relating to meditation-science be of any benefit? Is there any scientific proof to confirm such findings? Again for those new to the practice of meditation, we will attempt to provide some insights which may be useful.

Why practice meditation?

What is meditation?’ is the first question we usually ask ourselves. Here we try to understand the experiential experience, by cross referencing with modern psychology & relating to the various factors of the mind as it becomes more concentrated. We then realise that by introducing meditation vs science, some of the benefits claimed can actually be proven scientifically.

Some of these startlingly interesting findings can be reviewed under scientific findings, where both brain & bodily functions were measured during meditation. Taking these scientific results further, we then begin to understand how meditation helps combat stress & disease. Finally, we then discuss the various meditation techniques used at tattwavisionyoga & some of the benefits from such.

Yoga aims to remove the root cause of all diseases, not to treat its symptoms as medical science generally attempts to do.” – Swami Vishnudevananda