Tattwa (Trent Amour) was first introduced to yoga in 2002 on the advice of managing stress & promoting health benefits; his addictive personality ensures he has remained firmly hooked (with line & sinker long gone). Since then he studied with various teachers before meeting his Guru in 2008.

He is a highly motivated, versatile & focused individual who has undertook intensive sadhana & lived under strict monastic conditions, in the company of both Hindu & Buddhist Monks. Due to such experiences & guidance from his teachers, he has acquired further knowledge throughout various areas in Yoga.

Tattwa is qualified to teach toddlers/kids/teens through Yogakidz Ltd; he is integrating both the Sivananda & Satyananada systems into his adult classes & teaches students primarily Hatha Yoga. The focus is on breath & awareness rather than the more popular physical qualities, with an intention to move towards the more meditative aspect of yoga.