Meditation Techniques

Managing the mind

Usually it is impossible to change the external situation & its negative characteristics; therefore, it is crucial to look within ourselves for other methods in dealing with life’s daily tensions. The most efficient way is meditation which as we have seen already, eventually allows one to control both physical & mental reactions to psychological events. There are a multitude of various meditation techniques currently available.

Tantric meditation techniques

At tattwavisionyoga we include many of the traditional Tantric meditation techniques, as taught by Bihar School of Yoga: Trataka, Kaya Sthairyam, Breath Awareness, Japa, Ajapa Japa, Chakra Dharana, Chidakasha Dharana, Hridayakasha Dharana, Antar Mouna, Tattwa Shuddhi & Nada Yoga.

Dynamic meditation

Due to practising such passive meditation one can then incorporate such clarity & insights’ towards daily life, making everything one does an active meditation. External activities benefit from the increased efficiency & energy to hand; the mind becomes more proficient & guarantees one becomes more reactive as well as inventive. Life, work & play profit wholeheartedly & one begins to succeed in certain areas whereas before they appeared unattainable. Initially the various meditation techniques used begin to decline in importance, as ones awareness expands whilst engaged in the active meditation itself.

This act of purging on the psychic levels leaves one relatively free from mental & emotional turmoil. It is only when one becomes free from physical & mental tension that the subtler experiences begin to manifest.” – Swami Satsangi