Science & Yoga Nidra

Science investigates yoga nidra

The inadequacies in our modern technological lifestyle are being recognised by many sensitive professionals who are now promoting an efficient method of attaining deep, systematic relaxation. The regular practise of yoga nidra not only minimises physical, emotional & mental tensions but also has a number of inherent benefits:

  • induces complete physical, emotional & mental relaxation due to alpha dominant brain waves
  • enhances the memory & learning capacity as knowledge is transmitted directly into the subconscious mind
  • counteracts stress by balancing the sympathetic & parasympathetic systems
  • creativity automatically awakens as one becomes tuned with the unconscious workings of the mind
  • potentially widespread applications for therapeutic management of many diseases (both acute / chronic), towards degenerative & stress related conditions
  • effectively manages various psychosomatic diseases
  • successfully administered to manage various psychological disorders
  • supported by science & various studies, yoga nidra may help to cure cancer by clearing the unconscious repression alongside developing confidence, willpower & optimism.

Due to progress in science & such research, we now begin to comprehend that yoga nidra not only ensures a deep sense of peace & total relaxation but also provides preventative, promotive & curative benefits. In modern society, psychological & psychosomatic diseases continue to haunt us therefore the practice of yoga nidra may serve as a real blessing within the healthcare systems of today.

Prior people who suffered from tension, alienation, frustration & after incorporating yoga nidra into their lives, have now completely transformed their entire outlook as well as enhancing their understanding & experience of life.

“One actually learns to thrive on the same difficulties, tensions & adverse circumstances which lead others to the brink of mental breakdown. This is the great secret of yoga nidra. It is not only a way of coping with stress; it provides a means of transforming & positively utilising tension as a stepping stone to greater awareness, efficiency & achievement in life.” – Swami Satyananda