Meditation vs Science

Meditation techniques

All the major religions have recorded knowledge of meditation techniques, even if nowadays they are not commonly shared. These techniques have been developed, practiced & successfully employed for thousands of years. Recent enquires towards meditation vs science has proven that some advantages of sustained practice are:

  • refining & improving our attention / awareness / insight
  • assuring we remain focused even in situations of outer or inner turmoil
  • more flexible attention span & we begin to observe the interplay of the mind
  • perceiving influences in advance that shape certain situations
  • providing the inner space necessary to make the most beneficial decisions.

A psychoanalytic tool

As we investigate further with meditation vs science, we realise the ability to observe the minds internal chatter as it arises & to pause before we respond is a significant tool in coping with potentially stressful demands at home / work. Meditation bestows the ability to identify sharp emotional impulses & provides the inner freedom to let them go.

Current research within meditation vs science proves what yogis have held to be true for millenniums – that yoga / meditation can prevent stress & disease.

Therefore, meditation has always been considered to be the greatest form of psychotherapy, provided that it is properly guided. It clears many things.” – Swami Niranjanananda