Yoga Nidra

Benefits of yoga nidra

Why practice yoga nidra? What is yoga nidra? Why is this different from other areas of yoga? What are the benefits? Here we will attempt to clear some of the unknowns which may be prevalent at first glance.

First we can begin to understand by asking ‘what is yoga nidra?’ It is a form of deep relaxation, experienced between the waking state (conscious) & the deep sleep state (unconscious). As we withdraw the senses from their objects immediately we experience benefits, a deep sense of peace.

Outlining the practice of yoga nidra highlights the systematic steps: time duration, awareness, the various steps & stages etc. Benefits of such stages are mentioned throughout allowing a systematic understanding of the process.

Lastly some of the physical, emotional & mental benefits are detailed as science & yoga nidra show, the discoveries can be extremely encouraging; in addition the results from those who have discovered, experienced & implemented the practice to positive results.

“We think of yoga nidra as a relaxation practice, a preliminary practice of meditation, but it is the simplest technique devised to give the deepest experience of the cohesiveness of the human mind.” – Swami Niranjanananda