About Us

At tattwavisionyoga we offer yoga classes anywhere throughout Fife (Scotland) & the surrounding areas; yoga classes are currently conducted in Glenrothes.  Please check the Classes page for further details. We embody teachings from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres in addition to the Satyananda Yoga Centres worldwide.

In class care is taken to prepare the body naturally. Health & safety is paramount to our classes taking care of individuals needs; we ensure a comfortable, fun & relaxed environment. The emphasis here is not on the recently more popular “physical” aspect of yoga but on enhancing ones awareness:

  • working with simple but effective postures gradually opening up the body
  • slowly moving towards more classical intermediate / advanced postures
  • coordinating postures with breath awareness alongside sensitivity of chakras
  • the subtle movement of energy is then encountered throughout the body.

After prolonged practice one will then slowly but surely begin to realise the powerful holistic benefits of yoga.

“I teach yoga because people need it, if at any time in the future they no longer need yoga I will stop teaching it.”Swami Satyananda