Scientific Findings

Modern technology & scientific discoveries

Scientific findings due to the recent advance of modern technology & scientific instruments (such as fMRI & EEG), indicate exactly what ensues with bodily & brain activity during the process of regular meditation:

  • superior energy & vitality due to biochemical / physical changes in the body – improvements in metabolism, heart rate, respiration, brain chemistry, immune response & antibodies
  • rebalanced sympathetic / parasympathetic nervous system e.g. meditation produces a reduction in arousal & increase in relaxation
  • improvement in the integrity / efficiency of certain brain connections through an increase in their number & robustness
  • recent scientific findings & brain scans showed strongwhite matter changes in the anterior cingulate cortex (improving relay, coordination & communication)
  • meditation increases grey matter in the brain (responsible for attention & processing sensory input)
  • this may slow the deterioration of the brain as a part of the natural aging process & hence preventing onset of alzheimers / dementia
  • modest increase in slow alpha or theta wave EEG activity (improved concentration, memory, creativity & exceptional insight)
  • gamma waves also increase (believed to assist in improving perception & cognitive capabilities).

Such scientific findings confirm an improvement to both our physical & mental aspects with the practise of regular meditation; this in turn enables us to become much more responsive with an enhanced creative awareness.

Go beyond science, into the region of metaphysics. Real religion is beyond argument. It can only be lived both inwardly and outwardly.” – Swami Sivananda